Technical Wisdom

Semi Koen
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Ten Must Reads on Software Engineering

In my career transition from individual contributor to senior engineering leader, I have realised that keeping abreast of technology, putting your team first, and having solid architectural foundations make or break any I.T. professional.

This e-book contains a selection of my best essays on several software engineering topics, with different spin-offs, unique viewpoints, and even tips and tricks that unlocked my career.

My hope is that these essays help you too.

What's in the book

The Technical Wisdom e-book is a 60-page collection of 10+1 essays on three essential subjects that every I.T. professional should be concerned with, containing timeless advice which will be relevant regardless of an ever-changing technology environment.

Here is what is included:

  • Part - On Life Long Learning
    • Tangible ways Software Engineers can preserve their longevity and improve their employability by up-skilling.
    • Strategies on how to study and learn complex I.T. concepts.
    • Reasons why programming is a form of art.
  • Part - On Technical Leadership
    • Transitioning from Developer to Tech Lead and excelling in the new role.
    • A broad set of skills and behaviours an Engineering Leader needs to demonstrate to succeed in their career.
    • Drivers to retain a high-performant Engineering Team content and committed.
  • Part - On Architecture
    • Must-know software architecture patterns: a primer on their common use cases and strengths/weaknesses.
    • Key architectural principles that gear towards designing clean, maintainable applications.
    • Essential qualitative requirements to keep in mind when designing an application.
    • Proven design patterns architects should grasp and recognise to increase the quality and accessibility of the architected solution.
  • Bonus
    • A curated list of empirical I.T. laws for your amusement and/or edification.

About the author

Hello! My name is Semi Koen. I am a Senior Engineering Leader, Technologist, and Technical Author.

I have almost 20 years of experience in the tech industry: after studying Computer Science, I started my career as a Developer, and have since progressed to Senior Developer, Technical Lead, Architect, Engineering Manager and Engineering Director. I am now an Engineering Executive Director at a Japanese Securities Bank.

I help companies define and deliver a strategic technology vision and Software Engineers accelerate their career growth.

You can find me on LinkedIn and Medium.

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Technical Wisdom | Ten Must Reads on Software Engineering

1️⃣ Life Long Learning
2️⃣ Technical Leadership
3️⃣ Architecture
🎁 Eponymous Laws of S/W Engineering
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Technical Wisdom

4 ratings
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